About Us

About Us

Welcome to ChronoNation, where time is on your side.

Our goal is to deliver luxury timepieces, jewelry, and diamonds at unbeatable prices. We take pride in providing professional customer service, via an experienced staff to educate our clients, on a variety of brands that we offer.
We are committed to making your experience with us a pleasant one.

ChronoNation was started by childhood friends with an understanding of the importance of client servicing, reliability, integrity and trust. That expectation of trust extends to the companies with which we deal. All our diamonds are of certified origin, not obtained by the use of violence or human injustice; jewels are un-compromised and without fault; and all of our watches come with guaranteed authenticity. Our highly trained jewelers provide expert workmanship and hand inspect every gem that we acquire.

It’s one thing to hear how great we are from us, but it’s another thing to hear it from our satisfied customers. We have many customers anxiously waiting to convey their purchasing experience whether via email, phone or snail mail. We’ve taken pride and enjoyed the pleasure of doing business with them, and we hope we will have the opportunity to do business with you.

Chief Executive Officer

The role of Chief Executive Officer is the most important one in the management of any organization. We are fortunate that our CEO is an experienced individual and comes to ChronoNation with a breath of knowledge, leadership, vision, and decision making capabilities. All of the primary activities related to our company are faithfully placed in the hands of our CEO. “Leadership is an art” and we have complete belief and trust that he will provide the necessary direction and guidance that will help bring ChronoNation to the forefront of our industry.

Chief Operating Officer

ChronoNation Inc. was co-founded in November, 2009, by our COO, a former member of the financial services community. This individual has implemented all of his knowledge and career experience of Mergers and Acquisitions into this long time love and passion for watches and jewelry. He is very grateful for this opportunity with ChronoNation.

Chief Technology Officer

Our Chief Technology Officer is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City where he a mastered the foundation for this rapidly changing world of technology. After working several successful years in the entertainment industry, he now comes to ChronoNation with certified expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.

Board of Directors

The most recent addition to our board is a graduate of Cornell University, where he won numerous awards in business plan writing and marketing and was a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He attracted national attention in 2006 when he appeared for 15 weeks on NBC's "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump. He was later hired by Mr. Trump as an Associate Vice President. Today, in addition to being on the ChronoNation Board, he serves as Director of Business Development at a major financial corporation, specializing in Commercial Real Estate finance, and is also an accomplished public speaker.