Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at respect your concerns about privacy and value the trust you have placed in us. This Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we collect, how we may use that information, and with whom we may share it. Our Privacy Policy also describes the measures we take to protect the security of the information. In addition, we describe the choices you can make about how we use the information you provide to us. We tell you how you can reach us to review and update your contact information, change your privacy preferences, remove or request that we delete your personal information that we currently retain or answer any questions you may have about our privacy practices.

This Privacy Policy applies to all personally identifiable information about you collected, used, or disclosed by ChronoNation. We also may collect aggregate information about you which does not identify you and which is not therefore personal information.

What types of information does ChronoNation collect and use about me and how does ChronoNation use the information?

We collect and use information about you to communicate with you about our products, services and promotions. We also collect information to improve the shopping experience for ChronoNation consumers. Here are the ways we obtain information about you and the types of information we obtain. We also tell you how we use the information.


When you order or purchase merchandise from ChronoNation, you may be required to give us contact and payment information (such as credit card information) so we may process your order as well as for customer service and warranty purposes. When you pay for a merchandise using a credit card, we use your credit card information only to fulfill your order and for other internal purposes.

Customer Service

If you contact one of our customer service representatives, we may ask you for information such as your name, address and email address so we can respond to your questions or concerns. With your consent, we may retain this information to personalize your experience with us and better assist you the next time you contact us.

Customer profiles

On our website we provide you with the option to create a customer profile. The profile allows you to save wish lists that you create during your visits to ChronoNation. The customer profile also includes personal information such as your name and address, your telephone number and your email address. The customer profile allows us to facilitate your ChronoNation shopping experience and to expedite the delivery of purchased products. The ChronoNation customer profile is optional.


We collect information on our website using transient cookies, sometimes called session cookies. A transient cookie is a small file that contains information about a user, and disappears when the user's browser is closed. Unlike a persistent cookie, a transient cookie is not stored on the user’s hard drive; it is stored only in temporary memory that is erased when the web browser is closed. We use transient cookies to determine, for example, how you use our website so we can improve the design of our site. Transient cookies are not linked to any personally identifiable information about you. Cookies can be disabled in your web browser.

How may I indicate my privacy preferences?

Except as may be required in order to process a transaction, you may choose whether or not to give us your personal information, and if you do, how we use it. If we request your personal information, we will tell you why we are collecting it and seek your consent. Sometimes you will be asked to give your consent expressly (such as by checking a box or clicking on a web page). Other times we may obtain your consent implicitly by asking you to provide information with stated purposes but without any express statement of consent (such as when you order a product). In other cases, your consent may be implied such as when you respond to a survey when it is understood that we will use the information to learn more about your needs and preferences, or your satisfaction as a customer so as to improve our products and services. In those cases your consent will be understood if you provide us with the requested information.

You may notify us at any time that you do not wish us to use your information for any purposes that are not required to complete a transaction by contacting us in any of the ways described at the end of this Policy. You may at any time withdraw or change your consent to our use and disclosure of your information or request us to delete if from our files, subject to legal and contractual restrictions and requirements related to any transaction.

We will seek your further consent to any additional uses for which we have not obtained your consent previously.

Does ChronoNation share the information it obtains about me with third parties?

ChronoNation does not share personal information about its consumers with any third parties outside the ChronoNation corporate family for their own marketing purposes. However, we may do so within the ChronoNation corporate family. We do share this information with service providers we have retained to perform services on our behalf, but these service providers are not authorized by us to use or disclose the information except as necessary to perform services on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements. We also may disclose information about you as required by law.

We reserve the right to transfer any information we have about you in the event we sell or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets. If the business is transferred, we will provide you with the opportunity to tell us that you would prefer that information about you not be transferred. Should such a transfer occur, we will use reasonable efforts to try to ensure that the transferee uses personal information about you in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy.

How does ChronoNation protect personal information?

The security of personal information is a high priority for us. We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect against unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration and destruction of the personal information in our possession. We are committed to providing appropriate security controls to protect personal information we have about you against foreseeable hazards. To protect the security of your credit card information, we do not collect credit card information on our website.

No service on the internet can guarantee 100% security. By registering with ChronoNation you agree not to hold this website responsible for and security breach that may be encountered; whether due to negligence or a violation by outside party.

How does ChronoNation update its Privacy Policy?

ChronoNation services and promotions will change over time. This Privacy Policy will be updated periodically to reflect those changes and corresponding changes in our information practices. Whenever we revise this Privacy Policy, we will change the date on the notice to indicate when the revisions were made. We reserve the right to change our information practices and the terms of this Privacy Policy, and to apply the changed practices to all information we have about you. By using this web site, you agree to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy as stated at the time you use it. Any future access to this web site subsequent to the posting of a revised Privacy Policy will be deemed to be your acceptance of this Privacy Policy as then revised. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time.

How can I review and update or correct my personal information and privacy preferences?

You may review and revise, correct or update any of the information that we have on file about you at any time and you may also learn how we have used it and to whom we have disclosed it. If you have a customer profile you can access and update your information through the customer profile page on our website. We recognize that having accurate and up-to-date information about you and your preferences is important to our ability to properly serve your interests. You may request us to change your preferences regarding our use and disclosure of your information, notify us that you do not wish to receive any further communications from us, or request to have your information, including your customer profile, removed from our records, subject to any requirements for continued retention, such as for billing, audit or warranty purposes. If you wish to review or update your information or preferences, you may do so by contacting us using one of the options provided below.

Will I receive email from ChronoNation?

We will send you email only if you have provided us with your email address and have asked us to communicate with you in this manner.

How can I contact ChronoNation?

If you would like us to update your contact information remove your name from our mailing list or delete your customer profile, or if you have any questions or concerns about ChronoNation’s privacy practices or about your personal information, please visit our contact us page.